A circle without light and shade will never become the moon.

art: scenic art

Les Miserables backdrop

Les Misérables—section of the Paris backdrop
15m x 5m—1994
John Harris, Ian Richards, Sally Martin

backdrop for the theatre production of Chess

Chess—Bangkok backdrop—15m x 5m
John Harris, Sally Martin

garden scene for The Golden Age

The Golden Age—The Archerís Garden scene
3m x 2m


Tosca—The Magdalen—3m x 2m
The unfinished painting in the workshop

Witches of Eastwick backdrop

The Witches of Eastwick—the little town of
Eastwick, Rhode Island—15m x 5m
Sally Martin, John Harris


Lysistrata—The treasury building
sandstone / marble faux

backdrop for The Mystery of Edwin Drood

The Mystery of Edwin Drood—Street Scene
15m x 5m—John Harris, Sally Martin

stage setting for Brigadoon theatre production

Brigadoon—The MacLaren home—15m x 5m
John Harris, Sally Martin

street-scene backdrop for Les Miserables

Les Misérables—The streets of Paris backdrop
15m x 5m—2004

back cloths, set constructions, props, faux finishes

Scenic art that uses light and shade to fool the eye into believing that two dimensional surfaces possess a third dimension. The artistic use of color, texture, detail and ageing of surfaces brings life to constructed scenery.


  • Design Award, Music Theatre Guild—Les Misérables, 2004
  • Commendation, Music Theatre Guild—Witches of Eastwick
  • Design Award, Lyrebird Awards—Oliver!
  • Design Award, Lyrebird Awards—Les Misérables, 1994